Not resolved

Aweful customer service!!! Buyers be ware!!!

I wish i could give no stars

First off i hope this reaches a surporvisor.

Ive been a customer for yrs and till this point have had no issues. I started live chat and was tranfered to customer service so i could modify my order. I have the record of the transcripts if you care. I was tranfered to MARIANA and was left hanging not knowing if she understood what i wanted removed from my order or not, so i called in. CYNTHIA picked up the call and was very helpfull, thanky again cynthia. Sure enough Mariana completley screwed up my order. Heres where it took another turn. After i confermed with her the parts i needed i then kindly asked if i could be transferred to a supervisor to speak about what happened in the live chat. I was on hold for 5 mins or so waiting for the supervisor when cynthia picks up and tells me he (the supervisor) is reviewing my transcripts and will be with me shortly, cool i said and thank you. I was then put back on hold for a few more mins and hung up on.... i called back immediatly and knowone picks up my call. Call back again, same thing. I then hid my caller ID and sure enough almost immediatly Mariana picks up and i ask to speak with supervisor, she sais sure, asks me for my name and or order number and tells me just a moment and puts me in hold. I sit on hold for 5 more mins and just hang up in frustration. Call back again with my caller ID still hidden and knowone picks up. This is the worst customer service ive ever recieved. I will not be ordering from you guys ever again. I also got like 10 emails of various variations on my cancelled order. I have not recived an email for the parts i actually need and have know idea if i will get them or not... what kind of operation are you guys running... i hope to hear back with an appology or something so i know someone in managment recived this, but from what i gather its a garage shop opperation there, and obviesely Marinana and Cynthia are friends and were covering eachothers back. Thats all i have...

Product or Service Mentioned: Bike Bandit Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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