bought parts online ,now I cannot pull up the return page from bikebandits ,they sent me too many part. True Its only Thirty bucks but I do alot of buying from them.

the clutch worked fine after I figured out I had too many parts.

I was not sure if I reinstalled without putting in all parts if it would work properly ,so I reistalled with the proper amount and the clutch plates worked fine .All I want to know is why is it so hard to bring up the proper web page for me to return the extra parts. thank you

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Just ordered some parts. Very convenient and parts are available.

Problem came when I noticed that they had added their "Podium" service ($30) to my order somewhere in the checkout process. Unfortunately, I did not notice till after I had sent payment. I immediately called customer service to have the charge removed and was told they could not do anything about it. Next day I posted a comment on their facebook page and was sent a message that they would look into it.

The day after that, the comment was gone and I have not heard from them again.

Watch what gets put into your checkout VERY carefully. I will not be doing business with these clowns again - even though I have spent hundreds there in the last few years.


Maybe you ordered some items you thought you needed, but actually didn't. There is a phone number on the site at the top.

Call them. I've always had really good customer service from them.


I have used them for years and never had any problems. I think they are the best onlnie for parts.

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