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I ordered spark plugs and wires for my used bike and like any mechanic went from there to troubleshoot the bike. I spent over a year and $1200.00 getting new air boxes, carb to head seals, carb rebuilds and adjustments, coils, and valve jobs.

Finally, came back around to the spark plug wires and realized that the "new" wires that Bikebandit sent me were bad from the get go. They also sent me an air box that does not open so that I can change the air filter. So essentially I'd have to buy a new air box every time I needed to change my air filter. I called customer service 3 times and finally demanded to speak to a manager.

All I asked them to do is replace the wires to make it right and they refused giving me some *** story about manufacturer warranty. Think I'm gonna call my lawyer and go to small claims court for this.

DON'T EVER USE BIKEBANDIT. They use *** parts and will NEVER make an attempt to make it right!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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San Diego, California, United States #613090
Bike Bandit Verified Representative

Hi Ladair501,

I'm sorry to hear that you recently had a less than great experience shopping with us. I understand how you are frustrated and can you please email us at more information about the issue as well as the order number?

Many of the parts that we sell are covered under manufacturer's warranty but we should be able to direct you to their contact information.

Sorry again for any inconvenience and we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to email us both the original order number and an explanation of the issue so that we can look into it to prevent issues like this from happening to you or any of our other customers in the future.


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