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Placed 2 jackets, Fieldsheer Eagle in 2X and 3XL in the cart on a Monday morning. Asked online customer service for help deciding which jacket to get. Gave him my size and he said 3XL. Went to purchase the jacket and the price had changed. Online guy said sorry, that's the price. I complained a little, he said order it and I'd be issued a refund for the difference.

The jacket arrived about a week later, no refund, and the jacket was HUGE! 58" inside diameter. I am a size 52". Plus the jacket did not have the features listed on the description, specifically the arm adjustments. The description said "unique 4-step adjustable upper and lower sleeve controls secure elbow armor on large or small arms" This jacket has none.

So I call them and they initially refused a refund but after I sent them the saved conversation I had with their online help people they agreed to a bandit bucks refund.

I shipped the jacket back and waited a week.

OK, so I reorder the jacket in 2X at a now higher price and a few days later I got a shipping confirmation.

I called Monday the 14th of June to get a tracking number and I am told that it was not available yet.

Two hours later I got an Email telling me that the jacket was not available and would not be shipped!

I called and asked for my money back and was told "Sorry - no refunds on closeout items"

I just want my money back so I can go to a reputable online dealer and get the dang jacket!

I am going to file with my credit card company to get my money returned if I have to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bike Bandit Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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