I will never order from this company again. Beware!

I was sent the wrong tire size. It took forever to get a hold of their returns department to figure out how to return it. There is no getting in contact with anyone on Saturdays (phone or chat) even though their site says they are available. I did finally contact someone, after a long hold period, on my lunch break because couldnt get a hold of anyone on Sat.

He told me that that I had ordered the wrong tire size. Wrong! I had the original confirmation e mail stating correct tire size. didn't matter.

oh well I thought, didnt want to argue the point, just wanted to return item and recieve refund. He sent me the return instructions to me in my email. I thought, oh well all is good stuff happens. However this was just the beginning.

What Bikebandit didnt tell me before they sent return instructions was that they where not going to cover return shipping. UPS charged me over $15 to send it back! But it's not over. I tracked the tire and it was accepted by Bikebandit the next day.

I thought oh good they should be contacting me soon about the return and refund, but I did not hear anything. Then a week went by, I started to get concerned. I called them, on my lunch break again, and again talked to someone in the return department. I expalined my situation.

He appoligized and said they had recieved a lot of returns (wonder why??) and that there was only one employee checking and accepting returns and she was overwelmed. Anyway, long story short, he said it had been recieved and accepted and that I would be recieving my refund in...get this 7-10 days!!! So now I sit and wait, cross my fingers and hope I get it the refund within the time period. Oh ya!

Did I mention it took 8 days to get the tire in the first place !!!

Oh and I still dont have a front tire for my bike because I'm waitng for my refund!!! Never again Bike.."Bandit" !!!

Monetary Loss: $15130.

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