I have dealt with Bike Bandit for years without complaint; the past six months has undone all trust I placed in their service. Of late, their shipping department has taken its time to ship orders that normally would have been filled in a timely manner.

Apart from poor shipping support, Bike Bandit will wait nearly a week to process the payment through your bank account. My bike is my only mode of transportation, so when I had a malfunction with my exhaust header, Bike Bandit was my first stop to get the parts for my 80's Yamaha. The order was placed on a Friday after their business hours closed, a customer service rep informed me that they never process orders over the weekend. No worries, they will just ship it on Monday since I paid for express shipping, right?

They have made it plain to me that express shipping does not imply urgency for the order.

Under no circumstances would they refund me the price difference between express and regular shipping. Bike Bandit, please take the time to process express orders in an expedited manner or give me back my 27 dollars.

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