I'm rebuilding my carbs, and I needed a few misc. parts.

I live in Tampa, so there's plenty of Suzuki dealers I could've ordered the parts through, but I stay busy, and traffic is a nightmare here. I ordered the parts from bike bandit on a Monday, and figured they'd be in my mail box by Friday/Saturday - WRONG! One part was supposed to be in stock, but it wasn't (supposed to take 1-4 days for them to order it in - no big deal). 2 weeks later, my order still hadn't shipped.

I called bike bandit, and asked them to ship the part that was in stock, and they did. The same day, they shipped the part that was on order. I'm guessing the part that was on order arrived within that 1-4 day time frame, but they didn't ship until I called to inquire about my order. Their shipping is a racket too.

They charge about $7 to ship a few tiny parts, then send it by camel, turtle, and snail. If you're going to charge me $7, at least ship with a sense of urgency. Bike bandit's prices aren't very competitive either. I was considering a Dynojet kit, it's $15 more from bike bandit than anyone else.

After 2 weeks of waiting, they should've offered me free shipping. Next time, I'll go to my local Suzuki dealer on my lunch hour. I'm done with bike bandit.

Bike bandit is just a big company, where most employees probably don't even own a motorcycle. The local shops are run by guys who love motorcycles, and actually give a sh*t about their customers.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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