My recent customer experience with was less than satisfactory. Upon receiving the wrong part, I attempted to return the part the first three times I called it seemed as if the “returns” department was just a voice mailbox. When I finally got someone on...
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I didn't like
  • Waiting around for weeks to get my parts
  • Being made out to feel like a liar
Second order from Bike Bandit...Same results.. super slow.. Never again. Says ships in 2 or 3 days...Nope...processed for shipping 5 days not yet picked up. So went to dealer and bought what I needed. They want 20 percent restocking fee, because they are super slow......
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I liked
  • Site
I didn't like
  • Whole experience

Bike Bandit - *** poor customer service

Unwilling to stand by the products that they sell or listen to the customer lied to multiple times by both low-level and management in customer service. Told condition was my fault. Avoid these people at all cost!
Call for warranty on a tire that was one year old at 1,500 miles and bald was told it was my fault and refused warranty for not running tires at max PSI of 49 instead of running at bike manufacturers 40 PSI. Lied to by customer service about a response in 24 to 48...
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Aweful customer service!!! Buyers be ware!!! I wish i could give no stars First off i hope this reaches a surporvisor. Ive been a customer for yrs and till this point have had no issues. I started live chat and was tranfered to customer service so i could modify my...
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I ordered 1 tire and 3 sets of brakes on March 29 2018. They sent me an email with a tracking number. It said 4 items shipped. I received 1 tire and 2 sets of brakes on April 3rd. I called and was told that the 3rd set was shipped out on April 3rd. I asked why and they...
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Bike Bandit - Old address

Ordered two separate parts. Used my card to pay for the items. They sent the damn items to an address I ago over 10 years ago! Who does this when you give a credit card information with the current address on it! Now that I think about it actually I was wrong about the amount of years it was over 12 years ago, damn! Very disappointed with these people.
Placed an order and after 8 days I had to call and ask why the items had not shipped yet. They said they had just recently gotten them in stock, and that "they don't keep parts in stock" and had to wait for them to come from the manufacturer. It said they were in stock...
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I place an order for Mikuni carb. parts, for a 2004 Suzuki GS500F. Was told parts where in stock and would be shipped in two days. No response from for 7 days, after I had to make contact. Asked about my parts order and was unable to get a answer, left...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service and product

Bike Bandit - Wrong Parts

Sent wrong tank badge and insisted the badge on my bike was switched. I clearly showed them the correct badge, and they still wouldnt help me. Never again!!!