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On March 2, I placed an order for a little over 1000$ worth of parts for my bike. After reading the reviews here, I made sure to check the shipping times and policies as I ordered each part.

I understood that they wanted to group the shipment to ship as one and that the shipping times listed were an additional wait beyond the time it would take for them to ship to me. Most of the items I ordered had an estimated shipping time of 1 to 2 days. I purposely didn't order anything that would be beyond 5 to 6 day so that it would ship yesterday. I even paid the expedited shipping so that I would get the items early next week taking their lag times into account.

As of Thursday night, the two items that were originally listed as 5 to 6 days were still listed as cross shipped. At this point, I chatted with one of the reps and was told that they didn't even expect to get the last two items till the 14th. I asked him if it would be possible to ship out the rest of the items, which he informed me they had in stock, and he told me they would be shipped out first thing Friday the 10th and I would receive a confirmation email. Neither of these events happened and my order status hasn't changed.

This was my second purchase from them and probably will be my last. As I read the other reviews, I had assumed that people didn't pay attention to their policies and that was why everything seemed slow. That seems to be the standard line when they answer here. I assure you that I read everything.

They have not met their stated time or kept their word. UPDATE- I received a call from a sales rep named Brandon after posting the above review. I was informed of the following: My shipment was delayed because after they placed my order they realized that the lag time for one of the items was longer than expected. While they updated it on their website, they had no responsibility to contact me to let me know.

While Brandon acknowledged that they agreed to ship out first thing Friday morning, they decided not to because they refused to ship the items using express shipping. They didn't realize the weight of the order I was placing from them so they have cancelled the expedited shipping. I was told it is not their responsibility to know whether customer orders will meet their weight standards for express shipping. He stated the 1000$+ in items I ordered will now be ground shipped which will add an additional week's delay.

According to Brandon, all of these decisions are perfectly appropriate. They, as a company, have no responsibility to keep customers informed of delay as they happen or to honor the agreement at point of sale when it comes to shipping times. They have no responsibility for anything because they couldn't possible know what is involved in shipping items because they sell so many item. Also, according to Brandon, I shouldn't be concerned about the delay because I used a coupon code at checkout.

And while I repeatedly requested them to honor the shipping arrangement, it was flatly refused. It wasn't their responsibility to meet the terms of the sale and they are free to retroactively change the terms of the sale at their discretion. For full disclosure, I ended up cursing Brandon out. This was the first time in 15 years that I have even raised my voice to a customer service rep.

I found his condescension and refusal to accept any responsibility for anything at all frankly mind boggling. This business is the worst business I have ever dealt with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bike Bandit Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Dishonest practices, Refusing to be accountable, Incompetence.

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